Frequently Asked Questions about Groups

Is childcare provided?
Childcare will not be provided. However, please feel free to bring them along with you! There will be safe places for them to interact with other kids and be entertained by approved, Biblically based, movies and tv series provided by one of our partners, RightNow Media.

If your group would like to split the cost of having someone watch the kids, that will be done at the discretion of the group as a whole.

What if my kid interrupts the group discussion?
We believe that it is important for kids to see their parents interacting with other adults and engaging in spiritual conversations. We do not want to seclude them from this part of the Small Group. Interruptions are inevitable, but we will strive to keep them to a minimum during the discussion portion of the Small Group.

Will there be food?
If the Small Group meets in someone’s home, yes there will be light snacks provided (chips & dip, soft drinks, cookies, etc.) There will not be a meal provided unless decided by that group.

Do I need to bring food?
No, you are not obligated to bring any food. If the group meets in a home, that home will organize light snacks for the group. Existing members of the group may be asked individually to bring something, but visitors are welcome to just join and enjoy!

What will group discussions include?
Each week the group discussions will be centered around the sermon from that Sunday and the Scripture that was preached. This will not be a review of the sermon, but a deeper dive into the applications from it. For example: “What does this Scripture say about God?” “What does this Scripture tell us about us as humans?” “How can I apply this to my life this week?” These are all questions that will be asked weekly in order to help God’s Word come alive and be applied to your everyday life.

How long do the groups meet each week?
A typical group meeting will last about an hour and a half. Each group may look a little different, but the goal is to spend time hanging out as friends for a half hour or so while snacking on some finger foods. We then come together for 30-45 minutes in group discussion (see “What will group discussions include?” for more info on group discussion) and then the remaining time is spent hanging out and finishing off the finger foods.

How long do the groups meet during the year?
There are no definite times that the groups will stop meeting. Our goal is for your Small Group to become a consistent part of your week. There will inevitably be times that you are not able to make it, but the group will meet weekly nonetheless.

Is this a life sentence?
No, you will not be forced into any type of contract as a part of CV Small Groups, but we do hope that it is a valuable part of your life and that you want to always be in a Small Group.

How can I join a group?
Joining a group is simple. You can sign up online, through our mobile app, or by simply letting us know on the Connection Card that you would like to join a group. You will then be contacted by a pastor or Small Group leader and invited to attend a group.

How are the groups arranged geographically?
Our plan is to have Small Groups all over Princeton and the surrounding areas. While we are working toward that goal, most of our groups currently meet in neighborhoods near HWY 380 & Monte Carlo.

Can I join a group of others who are a similar age or in a similar life stage as me?
YES! Friendships most naturally occur among those who are in a similar life stage or are a similar age as we are. Our groups are designed to connect families and individuals who have common interests and are in similar life stages.

Have another question?
We would love to hear from you and answer any questions we can about groups. Please contact Dustin Allen at