We think it’s beneficial to have a strategy or a pathway to provide direction for spiritual growth. These four concepts embody our strategy in helping people fully experience the life that Christ offers.

LEAN IN– Lean in to the Church. The church was created to extend God’s love, forgiveness, grace, hope, encouragement, and strength to those who are not yet a part of it. It is uniquely resourced to help people find friendship, their giftedness, purpose, and direction for life. Lean IN

LOOK AROUND– Look around for opportunities. There are needs and opportunities everywhere. Inside the church, outside the church, in our neighborhood, and at work. Each day God directs our life to intersect with those in need. Look AROUND!

LIVE OUT– Live out your purpose. God has personally equipped you with specific resources, a unique personality, and certain life experiences so you can help others and accomplish your purpose for living. In order to find significance, find a place and a group of people to serve. Live OUT

LIFT UP– Lift up Jesus and people. Everyone needs Jesus and other people. Jesus came to lift us up out of a terrible and hopeless situation. Now He wants to use us to help lift others. Be bold and sincere in sharing your story of faith. Lift UP